Stop Pretending



Why can’t you do both?

why the one trick pony routine?

are all humans really only good at one thing?

are all humans real?

are we ghosts of ourselves?

what would the real me look like?

and where would I find him?

sitting on a stack of books?

reading the morning news?

daily life can be so mundane

the routine so soulless it feels forced

and we all continue dancing around

drinking coffee and smiling at one another

laughing at movies as if they were about us

thinking life is just so

this way or that way

you can only make a left turn here

up the road and over the rail road tracks

arbitrary divisions of land

this is mine and this is yours

my toy my toy

No one should be without help

but we wouldn’t know what to do with it when we got it

endlessly flawed

holes in everything

but somehow still here

still going

pillaging and raping and killing

as we do

us folk

our kind

people like us


trapped inside bone structures

and eye brows

a myth

the human element

animals with thoughts

choices and ideas

we still haven’t figured out where we’re going yet

but will we know it when we get there?

or should I just worry about myself

and let everyone else decide

I’m just here for the free food

and whatever else they’re handing out


maybe if I take more they’ll give less to children

maybe the children will take over

and we’ll all be saved

what kind of corrupt innocence would that be?

noble but violent

There’s no more silence

only loud voices talking over one another

in text

from across the world

we’re not solving anything

we’re just finding more questions

hopefully we start asking the right ones

because the record keeps skipping

and we could use some new tunes

Sound the trumpets

let us go

be real

and stop pretending…

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