She deserved a Poem.

Thin wrinkles frayed from her eyes like tangible expressions of a life
that had been lived.
Alone at a full table she sat
isolated from the existence around her.
Musing with her coffee cup, she pondered the Gray sky that revealed a thin blue layer in the distance.
Her heart seemed lost in the blank matter surrounding her,
the memories had begun to blur their names
and his face.
Tears not yet fully formed, gathered in the pockets beneath her pupils, balancing like a valley of trapeze artists they quivered unconsolably.
Shamelessly, she hid her face
to hide her sadness
behind her hands, and wept.

she wiped away the tears.
The sounds of meaningless conversations began to fill her
ears. She stood,
pushing the chair out with a screech behind her.
She grabbed her crinkly plastic shopping bag.
Threw away her cup
made of partially recyclable materials.

And left.

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