Color me translucent
Color me with joy
Un-fill this deep void
So I can fuck this Noise
In my Head
Through my ears

Impregnate myself with

Pragmatic transcendence
Of another sort….

Claws scratch at the surface
Of the mystery
An undefined search for purpose
through the misery of being
Cracking the shackles
those which I cannot perceive
finding signs in withering leaves
and the crags of crusted canyons
Delving deep into the uncharted sea
armed to the teeth
with belief in something much deeper
Setting aside emotions
I’ll cry tomorrow
for strength in muscle
is just borrowed matter
Lions lie at heart
So I continue beating
kicking in forced motions
measured by moments
the minutes of illusion
Knowledge has no time
so I continue to unwind the rope
of invisible fabric
Hoping to grasp closer to the center
Leaving less tugs for my predecessors
to pull apart.

And so I continue to sing.

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