Lost somewhere in hypnagogia

I awoke to find I was resting along a river bed

and the swelling in my head had gone away.

It was raining in slow motion as if the ocean

was full of helium, and I could see the stars

aligning along my fingertips like wisps of blue tipped diamonds.

A beauteous creature stood before me in silence

adorned with a golden nimbus.

I could feel its touch in a gaze

that grazed along my rustic skin like wintery silk.

Refulgent purple eyes sat behind silvery lines of feather.

The river beside me turned to ice and I slid across

As if lost in a boyhood adventure seeking injury,

the sage creature curled me up in its hurricane wings

and set me about in rhythm.

We danced in the hinterland night lights

And all my troubles floated past the rain

as I inhaled the music and breathed out the air

the rhythm of omniscient violins, pained

in warm breaths of sweet wind

and blew away all my fears.

Twirling like ancient nymphs entranced by effortless grace

The world became a piece of distant memory

and we floated up into the atmospheric space

soaking our toes along the borealis

eventually letting the dark matter engulf our entity


I awoke to the sound of faint violins.

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