It looked so ugly
she thought.

After having peered inside her own head

through the apparent hole where it had fed.

Running over to the mirror to get a better look,
She saw a reflection
of the thoughts about herself.

They looked so unfamiliar
and old
sitting there alone and unaccounted for,

and she soon realized
she didn’t know herself at all
like seeing spring heaped inside fall;
a chimerical vision.

Living in a world
of apocryphal reality,
she discovered the dissimulation
in her costume
and perfume,

in her neat hair
when she plays fair
and dances without rhythm.

Infected by the duress of society
like cancer erupting in tumors
her thoughts were blind to the axiom
of self.

She wanted to scream help
but it was an emotion that felt
Artless, and unfamiliar.

She closed up her mouth
clenching her teeth
locking her jaw
abiding false laws,

pertinacious in confinement.

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