It was a shit-load of poop
That poured out all over Mullhoney St.

And they all came out to see it
Mothers with their cooking mits
Daughter with their pig tails
Brothers with their boyish charm
And Fathers with their Sunday newspapers

The white of the fences was tarnished
In splotches
the flowers now only smelled like
the manure above and below them

festering in disgusting loads of itself
making those around cringe from
the horrid display

They stood in disbelief
moaning screaming crying

stuck on repeat:” why us?”

“why our street?”

All of them fully aware the no human being
could have accomplished such a feat

Cutting through the noise of despair
an outcast spoke

” Are you all blind?”

They stood there, glaring in anger
only understanding past experience
too limited to look beyond their own

“This is a Miracle that proves God’s existence!”
he spoke proudly

and they all had the same thought
programmed into their head.
one of them translated it into sounds
“But this isn’t mentioned in the Bible?”

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