Why does it have to be this way?
I fought for something different.

and I now I realized what it meant,

or how I spent

all my life moving and twisting
dodging bullets and hauling carcass

falling off trees and scarping knees
so that I could send my kids to college

What the fuck?

Is that all it comes down to
because if so

I wouldn’t mind a bullet in my head

for the rest of my life.

What ever happened to chivalry?
or did that die when I was born

Can’t you see it’s contagious


You can catch it, and fall so far in
that you don’t know ass from elbow

I’m lost and I don’t know what the fuck to use
as a compass

and I’m too lazy to point north

But tomorrow I will wake up
brush my teeth
bleed out my gums

and try again.

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